Kuopiolaisen death metal –yhtye Lanternin “Lost Paragraphs” -EP julkaistu ja kuunneltavissa

Kuva: Arto Soini

Tiedote 6.1.2019

Kuopiosta saapuva death metal –yhtye Lantern on julkaissut Dark Descent Recordsin kautta uuden seiskatuumaisen EP:n “Lost Paragraphs”, joka on nyt kuunneltavissa kokonaisuudessaan alta.

Yhtye kommentoi uutta julkaisua:

This EP has been in the pipeline since 2013-2014. It was originally meant to be a split 7″, but since the other half split up, we decided to turn it into a Lantern-only EP. We attempted to complete the 7″ with a preliminary ”single version” of a II: Morphosis tune in 2014-2015, but after some delays, the album version was already on tape and it sounded 10 x better. So we let the project rest, until now. The original EP track and a completely new tune were fully re-recorded late last year. Both songs are exclusive to this release.

1.Lost Paragraphs
2.Invocation of the Fathomless

EP:n kansi: Abyssic Art

Cruciatus – lead guitar
Necrophilos – vocals
J. Noisehunter – bass
St. Belial – rhythm guitar
J. Poussu – drums


Kuva: Arto Soini


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