Kissin’ Dynamite julkaisi uuden musiikkivideon ”What Goes Up”


Saksalainen Kissin’ Dynamite on julkaissut uuden musiikkivideon ”What Goes Up”, joka on yhtyee tulevalta levyltä ”Not The End Of The Road”.

KISSIN’ DYNAMITE kertoo “What Goes Up” -singlestä:

“’What Goes Up’ is the incarnation of our maxim: Bring Back Stadium Rock! A tasty guitar riff introduces into the song, framed by thundering 2-4 drums. You immediately feel the need to put your leather jacket on, go out with your friends and simply have a good time. The sexy shuffle rhythm leads to a catchy chorus that makes you wanna sing along. Lyrically, the tune is about a protagonist who has reached everything but in the end is still unsatisfied. We wanted to deliver all this in a cinematic broadcast video showing off nearly every thinkable rock cliche, just because we can! So jump into this cozy, long forgotten world of stadium rock ’cause ’What Goes Up’ must come down!”

01 Not the End of the Road
02 What Goes Up
03 Only the Dead
04 Yoko Ono
05 Good Life
06 Coming Home
07 Defeat It
08 No One Dies a Virgin
09 Gone for Good
10 All for Halleluja
11 Voodoo Spell
12 Scars

Tilaa”Not The End Of The Road” (julkaisu 21.1.2022):

  • DIRECTED BY – Mirko Witzki
  • PRODUCED BY – Mirko Witzki
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY – Witzki Visions


Lähde: Napalm Records


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