Italialaisen Jax Diariesin uusin single ”Fury Roads (Boom Boom)” on kuunneltavissa – kappaleen pääriffi on napattu äänistä seinissä.

Kuva: Jax Diaries

Tiedote 29.11.2020

Italialainen vaihtoehtorockbändi Jax Diaries on julkaissut uuden singlen ” Fury Roads (Boom Boom)”. Kappaleen on tuottanut Kane Churko, ja se äänitettiin Heavy Tones Recording Studios:lla Italian Torinossa. Mark Tamponen ja Fam Productionin tuottaman videon kappaleesta voi katsoa alta:

Yhtye kommentoi kappaletta:

”During the recording process we found ourselves with something like 50/60 songs because we basically never stop writing from Jax’s recovery in March until the end of August and the first days of September. It was a Saturday night and Andrew’s cousin came to the studio and started messing around at the mixer while Jax and Andrew were taking a break. All of a sudden we started hearing a strange sequence of frequencies bouncin’ around the walls and we decided to record that sound with the phone. We bounced off our chairs and Andrew started playing over that sound with his guitar. That’s how the main riff came about. Call it paranormal, call it craziness, call it whatever you want. That’s what’s happened. We really believe each and everyone of our songs has it own life. Breaths, vibrates, exists. With “Fury Roads (Boom Boom)” we wanted to show our heavy side and we felt like the people needed this song expecially right after our latest release “Came down to say hi (Feat. DD Lacuna)”.

Jax Diaries on:
Jaxon Mario Pezzi
Andrew Asso
Frankie Sad Eyes
Andrew Fabio Pezzi
Enrico Gallo

Kuva: Jax Diaries
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