Insomniumilta ”Heart Like A Grave” –albumi lokakuussa

Kuva: Jussi Ratilainen

Kotimainen melodisen death metallin kärkinimi Insomnium julkaisee seuraajan vuoden 2016 menestyksekkäälle “Winter’s Gate” –albumille. ”Heart Like A Grave” ilmestyy 4.10.2019 Century Median kautta. Miksauksesta vastasi Jens Bogren. Kansitaide ja kappalelista katsottavissa alta.

Yhtyeessä vuodesta 2018 vaikuttanut kitaristi Jani Liimatainen on samalla vakinaistettu pysyväksi jäseneksi Ville Frimanin keskittyessä opintoihinsa Yorkin yliopistossa. Friman esiintyy bändin riveissä jatkossakin aina sopivan mahdollisuuden tullessa.

Yhtye kommentoi tulevasta levystä seuraavaa:

The concept of the album is to delve deep into the heart of the Finnish melancholy. We’ve been inspired by some of the bleakest and saddest songs, poems and tales that truly capture the essence of northern gloom. Land where the frost ravages the harvest and creeps inside the souls, summer ends before it even starts, wife leaves, and little brother dies in snow on a Christmas morning, and the golden days of youth are forever gone. So there are echoes of Harmaja, Rautavaara, Vainio, Peltoniemen Hintriikka and of course our own petty, miserable lives.

Ville Friman:

Since 2010 I’ve been combining touring and band life with my science career. However, couple of years ago it became clear that it has become impossible for me to put my 100% in both. This is partly because of more demanding role at the University of York but also because Insomnium has been growing steadily year by year leading to increasing amount of touring with every album. With Jani on board, we have secured a steady live line-up to keep delivering fierce live shows all around the world with me joining the band when time allows.

Jani Liimatainen:

It is a great honour to join such an amazing band. I had already been touring with the guys on and off since 2015, filling in for Ville whenever needed, so when they asked me to officially join the band the answer was pretty much a no-brainer. I am looking forward to sharing many more metal moments with these guys who I am proud to call my friends.

Insomniumin suuntaa levyn julkaisun jälkeen Euroopan kiertueelle yhdessä The Black Dahlia Murderin ja Stam1nan kanssa.

”Heart Like A Grave” kansitaide ja kappalelista:

1. Wail of the North
2. Valediction
3. Neverlast
4. Pale Morning Star
5. And Bells They Toll
6. The Offering
7. Mute Is My Sorrow
8. Twilight Trails
9. Heart Like a Grave
10. Karelia

Kuva: Jussi Ratilainen
Lähde: Century Media


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