Hollywood Vampires julkaisee “Rise”-levyn kesäkuussa: uusi single ”Who’s Laughing Now” kuunneltavissa.

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Hard rockin tähtikokoonpano Hollywood Vampires julkaisee toisen albuminsa ”Rise” 21.6.2019 ear Musicin kautta. Alice Cooperin, Joe Perryn sekä Johnny Deppin muodostama yhtye on kirjoittanut albumilla omaa materiaalia ja mukana on edellisen ”Hollywood Vampires” (2015) –levyn tavoin covereita. Ensimmäinen single ”Who’s Laughing Now” on kuunneltavissa alta.

Alice Cooper kommentoi:

’Rise’ is not only a totally different animal than the first Vampires-album, it is unique to anything I’ve ever been a part of. I approached it very differently than I usually do when working on an album. Each of us; Joe, Johnny, Tommy (Henriksen), and myself have written songs on this album. What is different though is that I didn’t try to change any songs to be more ’Alice-like.’ Because each of us has different influences, the sound of this album is very cool. I think that with this album, we are establishing what the Vampires’ sound really is, whereas with the first album, we were more tipping our hats to our fallen rock ’n’ roll brothers.

Kansitaide ja kappalelista:

1. I Want My Now
2. Good People Are Hard to Find
3. Who’s Laughing Now
4. How the Glass Fell
5. The Boogieman Surprise
6. Welcome to Bushwackers (feat. Jeff Beck + John Waters)
7. The Wrong Bandage
8. You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory
9. Git From Round Me
10. Heroes
11. A Pitiful Beauty
12. New Threat
13. Mr. Spider
14. We Gotta Rise
15. People Who Died
16. Congratulations

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