Itävaltalainen death metal -yhtye Mastic Scum on perustettu jo vuonna 1992 ja maan pitkäikäisin dödispumppu. Yhtye vastaili Metalliluolan kysymyspatteristoon. Lue haastattelu alta.

Bändin nimi? Mastic Scum
Yhtyeen genre? Death Metal
Ketä yhtyeeseen kuuluu? Maggo Wenzel – Vokills, Harry Gandler – 7 String Distortion, Man Gandler – Rhythm Machinery, Pati Jay – 5 String Depth
Mistä yhtyeenne on kotoisin? Austria
Yhtyeenne esikuvat? Fear Factory, Napalm Death and the daily Scum
Kertokaa yhtyeenne taustatarina? Mastic Scum is one of the longest serving metal bands in Austria. Brothers Harry and Man Gandler founded the band in 1992 and keep the machine running relentlessly.
without detours or compromises, the band continued to evolve, constantly increasing their technical ability and brutality.
the new album ”ICON” is the most mature and extreme album with the highest technical level in the band’s history to date.
Minkälaiset tavoitteet yhtyeellänne on? Continuously developing our music, playing brutal and professional shows and always going one step further… personally, together and with our music.
Minkälainen työnjako musiikin tekemisessä on? Harry is the main component that keeps the machine running without compromise. as well as all others make up the transmission, weapons, fuel and armor. all together we form an unstoppable skynet machine that moves in your direction and crushes everything that stands in your way.
listen to ”ICON” and you will see!
Millainen kokemus bändinne on livenä ja miksi yhtyeenne keikoille kannattaa tulla? When you feel an ice cold vibe, the cyber system infiltrates your brain and is washed away by it, blastbeats and killer grooves destroy your body… then you are on a MASTIC SCUM show! see ya in the pit!
Uusimman levynne nimi: ICON! Damn! Listen to it!

Avatkaa uuden levynne taustoja. Mikä on toiminut levyn inspiraationa? Look out into the world and you will find thousands of inspirations. the daily scum that is injected into our brains every day. one brain washes the other until at some point there is nothing left but ashes and dust. and it’s going to happen and we’re the soundtrack for it. ”ICON” is cold, brutal and honest. we bring the future close to you and you will understand the future is now! and you will not survive.ICON is the gateway into the deep descent that leads to the next era of MASTIC SCUM. The concept behind ICON is about humans and their beliefs … the constant struggle between good and evil, faith and distrust, humanity and industry, analog and digital. Mankind was and will always be searching for the missing link, the lost piece of the jigsaw puzzle. On the new album ICON is key, not only thematically speaking, but in the band’s continued evolution of image and sound.
Minkä bändin kanssa lähtisitte kaikkein mieluiten kiertämään maailmaa? Fear Factory and Napalm Death
Jos uudelta levyltä/vanhasta tuotannosta pitäisi suositella kahta biisiä, niin mitkä ne olisivat ja miksi? From the new album ”ICON” it would be ”Digital Dementia” and ”Create and Destroy”
because these songs contain everything that makes MASTIC SCUM what it is.
from older albums i would recommend ”Controlled Collapse” or ”Cause and Effect” from the album ”CTRL” or ”My Minds Mine” from the album ”MIND”. these songs are 100% MASTIC fucking SCUM!
Mikä musiikki kolahtaa yhtyeellenne juuri nyt? All kind of music which has any musical value or is brutal as fuck!
Muita asioita, joita haluatte kertoa yhtyeestänne: Check out our new album ”ICON” dammit!
you can already find the first single ”Digital Dementia” on all relevant download and streaming portals.
Minkälaiset terveiset haluatte lähettää lukijoille? We are too many humans and the future is now. The new age of oblivion will rise and Skynet will take over. Be prepared!
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