Fallen Arise julkaisi uuden kappaleen ja lyriikkavideon

Kuva: Fallen Arise

Ateenasta tuleva sinfonista metallia soittava Fallen Arise on julkaissut tulevalta ”Enigma”-levyltään nimikkobiisin ja lyriikkavideon. Vuonna 2009 perustetun bändin levy julkaistaan 10.4.2020 (ROAR).

Bändi kertoo kappaleesta:
“Talking about Enigma and trying to give a musical illustration of its direction, we are definitely talking about a song created with the central idea being the coexistence of the known sound of Fallen Arise and the new heavy aesthetics that the band wants to add into its music. This new ”mix” is easily perceived by listening to the airy and mellow sounds of the impressive heavy riffs and breakdowns, a musical motive presented first to “Adeline” album and now fully matured and fully integrated into the band’s style. The use of the orchestra, shows allegiance in the original roots, independent the innovations it tries. Something not clear also in the two previous albums, is the feeling of the “battle” between keys and guitar in “Enigma”.”

Videon on toteuttanut Haris Kountouris, HK Visual Creations – https://www.facebook.com/hkvisualcreations/

Ennakkotilaukset: https://smarturl.it/enigmafallenarise

Fallen Arise
“Enigma” kappaleet: 1. In Adentu Deorum 2. Enigma 3. Reborn 4. Forskaken 5. Embers 6. Without DIsguise 7. Released 8. Forever Winter 9. Horizon 10. The Storm Inside

Kuva ja lähde: Alpha Omega Management


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