Euge Valovirta julkaisi kolmannen singlen tulevalta albumiltaan

Kuva: Kia Valovirta

Euge Valovirta (Cyhra, Red Wolf) julkaisi kolmannen singlen tulevalta ”Shooting From The Hip” -sooloalbumiltaan. Levy julkaistaan 30.6.2021 ja se sisältää kymmenen instrumentaalikappaletta.

“This one is for Alexi, but also for all the late friends. And to my Grandpa, who passed away somebme ago. This song actually got it’s start aeer my Grandpa’s passing and I came back to it aeer Alexi passed away‘cos I felt that I had to ‘play my feelings out ‘ somehow.Alexi and I weren’t the closest friends but every bme we met we always had such a great bme. Whether it wasplaying on each of other’s albums, doing guitar clinics or playing occasional live shows or just hanging out. Hewas one of the most caring, humble and nicest guys I’ve ever met and it feels so unfair that he isn’t with usanymore. And he was one of the best guitar players. Ever.”

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Lähde: Euge Valovirta
Kuva: Kia Valovirta


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