Endseeker julkaisi uuden singlen “Hell Is Here” yhtyeen tulevalta albumilta

Kuva: Anabell Ganske

Saksalainen Endseeker julkaisee uuden albuminsa “Global Worming” 27.10.2023. Levy sisältää yhdeksän kappaletta ja julkaistaan useissa eri formaateissa.

Yhtye julkaisi levyltä toisen singlen “Hell Is Here”.

Hell is Here is a song about war and the constant fear of escalation on a very large scale. There are a lot of political tensions in the world these days. A constant threat to our supposedly safety. Something is brewing under the surface and it feels like all it takes is one madman pushing the wrong button and we all go to hell. It’s bizarre, we’ve seen shit like this in movies and suddenly it becomes a possibility. That’s just frightening.” Endseeker kertoo.

Linkin takaa voi kuunnella aikaisemman singlen “Violence Is Gold” ja ennakkotilata levyn.


Global Worming biisit:
01. Global Worming
02. Hell Is Here
03. Violence Is Gold
04. Wheel of Torture
05. C.B.V.
06. Terror
07. Hanging Gardens
08. Our Only Life
09. Nemesis

Global Worming is no exception. It’s probably our darkest and heaviest album. It probably just reflects the era we’re living in. I guess we just process all of this through the music and try to turn the world’s shit into something we and hopefully a lot of other people can enjoy. We’re definitely super excited to see where Global Worming will carry us and what lies ahead!

Lenny – Vocals
Ben – Guitars
Jury – Guitars
Kummer – Drums
Eggert – Bass

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Lähde: Metal Blade Records
Kuva: Anabell Ganske