Downset julkaisi uuden singlen tulevalta albumiltaan ”Maintain”


Los Angelesista tuleva rap/hardcore-yhtye Downset tekee paluuta ja julkaisee 10.6.2022 uuden albumin ”Maintain”. Edellinen levy yhtyeeltä julkaistiin kahdeksan vuotta sitten.

Yhtye julkaisi albumilta uuden singlen ”The Place To Be”.

Kitaristi Rogelio Lozano kommentoi yhtyeen uusinta singleä:
“This was one of the first tracks written with the new members Bobby Ponte and Philip Gonzales. With Nick Jett (TERROR) engineering and co-producing, our first objective was to try and revisit the original DOWNSET sound of the first ever recorded demos. To try and recreate the tone, we first unwound our guitars and basses back to drop “C,” and then created heavy rhythmic beats and riffs to facilitate a platform for Rey Oropeza’s Hard Rap flows.”

Lozano jatkaa:
“The lyrics to this song combine several subjects into one song and at the end all tying in together. Represent yourself with class, responsibility and courage. Setting a good example for our youth is my interpretation of the message.”

1. Maintain
2. Blackest of Days
3. New Respect
4. Won’t Forget
5. Wreck It
6. On Lock (Only the Defest)
7. The Place To Be
8. Your Power
9. Positive Mind
10. Hear Me Now
11. Deeper

Rey Oropeza | Vocals
Rogelio Lozano | Guitar
Phillip Gonzales | Bass
Bobby Blood | Drums

Lähde: Nuclear Blast

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