Dark Sarahilta uusi musiikkivideo “All Ears!”


Dark Sarah on julkaissut uuden musiikkivideon ”All Ears!” -kappaleesta. Biisi löytyy yhtyeen tulevalta ”Grim”-levyltä, joka julkaistaan Napalm-levymerkin kautta 17.7.2020.

Vokalisti Heidi Parviainen kommentoi:

”All Ears!” is a call to unite all the people who think there is a certain power behind tales, monsters and magic! Join the coven!


The narrative of “All Ears!” follows the storyline of the ”Grim”-album. A powerful spell on the citizens of Grim empowers the protagonist Luna to fight against the evil monster Mörk who is terrorizing the city. The listener can also get a first glimpse of our new guest Jasse Jatala as Mörk. The whole Grim story will be released as a book at the same time as our album, so that our fans can get even more immersed in the story.

Director: Markus Nieminen
Director of photography: Tero Molin
Production company: Legenda Film & Tv

1. My Name Is Luna
2. The Chosen One
3. Illuminate
4. Melancholia
5. Iceheart
6. La Folie Verte
7. The Wolf and the Maiden (feat. JP Leppäluoto as Wolf)
8. The Hex
9. All Ears!
10. The Devil’s Peak
11. Mörk (feat. Jasse Jatala as Mörk)
12. The Dark Throne

Lähde ja kuva: Napalm Records


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