Coffins julkaisi uuden singlen ”Impuritious Minds”

Japanilainen kuolometalliyhtye Coffins julkaisi uuden singlen ”Impuritious Minds” parin viikon kuluttua ilmestyvältä levyltä ”Beyond The Circular Demise”.

Albumista kerrotaan levy-yhtiön toimesta seuraavaa:

Recorded and mastered at Noise Room Studio, “Beyond The Circular Demise” encompasses all of the death and doom that has defined Coffins and their career as the underground’s torchbearers for over 20 years. No frills, no trends, no fashion. This is Coffins at their most unforgiving and uncompromising. Bone crushing riffs are set against pounding war drums, while hallowed screams preach fire and brimstone. Tracks such as “Forgotten Cemetery”, “Impuritious Minds” and more, highlight “Beyond the Circular Demise” as one of the band’s cornerstone releases. Featuring album art by the legendary Chris Moyen (Incantation, Blasphemy). Prepare for total death!

Albumi on kaupoissa 20.9.2019 CD/LP- sekä digitaalisessa formaateissa Relapsen kautta. Ennakkotilausta voi jättää linkistä.

1. Terminate By Own Prophecy
2. The Tranquil End
3. Forgotten Cemetery
4. Impuritious Minds
5. Hour Of Execution
6. Insane
7. Birth Postmortem
8. Gateways To Dystopia

Lähde: Relapse


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