Clovenhoofin Lee Payne: Rob Halford ja Robert Plant auttoivat bändiä uramme alussa.

Kuva: Pete Alander

N.W.O.B.H.M. -yhtye Cloven Hoof on julkaisee 24.4.2020 uuden albuminsa ”Age Of Steel”, jonka tiimoilta bändin keulamies ja basisti Lee Payne oli kanadalaisen The Metal Voicen haastattelussa.

Haastattelussa tuli ilmi kahden legendaarisen vokalistin Rob Halfordin  ja Robert Plantin  tukeneen bändiä uran alkuvaiheilla. Lee Payne kertoo tapahtumien kulusta:

”We were aired on Radio One BBC, the Tommy Vance Show Rob Halford from Judas Priest took our demo tape in and Robert Plant did as well. The BBC offered us a session, Neat Records heard us and then they offered us a deal for the debut album. ”

”How it happened was Rob Halford was doing an interview on one of the local radio stations and at the time we did not have a singer, so we wanted the radio station to announce it on the air (looking for a singer). So we waited for Rob Halford to come out (from the radio station). We were sitting on the wall and Rob came out and we told him we got a demo tape and we cant find a singer. He liked our attitude so we all went back into the radio station and he listened to our demo tape. Halford was blown away and he said when you get a singer I want to listen to this and I gave him my number. I thought Rob Halford was not going to call me back but sure enough when he went on tour with Screaming for Vengeance I got a phone call from him. He was true to his word I couldn’t believe it, Halford said did you get a singer yet? I said yes. So I met him and gave him the tape. He said I am doing Radio 1 Tommy Vance show and I will take it in for you and from there we got a deal to play Radio 1 (BBC). We owe Halford a lot for that one. As for Robert Plant he lived near us, so I found out where his house was and he too said he too would bring the demo tape to BBC Radio 1 Tommy Vance show. So we had both Halford and Plant take our tapes in. So it shows you what kind of people they are, camaraderie giving support to a young band.”

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Cloven Hoof ”Touch the Rainbow” uudelta levyltä:

Lähde: The Metal Voice
Kuva: Pete Alander


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