Brother Firetribe tiedottaa kokoonpanomuutoksesta ja uudesta singlestä

Kuva: Pete Voutilainen

Tiedote 8.2.2020

Kotimainen hard rock –tähti Brother Firetribe on ilmoittanut kitaristi Emppu Vuorisen jättävän yhtyeen Nightwish-kiireidensä vuoksi. Bändi kertoo viimeistelleensä viidennen levynsä julkaisuun tulevaksi kevääksi. Ensimmäinen single ”Rock In The City” ilmestyy viikon kuluttua.

Vuorisen soittoa kuullaan uudella levyllä, mutta korvaavaksi kitaristiksi on nyt kiinnitetty joo viime vuoden aikana yhtyeessä Emppua tuurannut Roope Riihijärvi.

Laulaja Pekka Heino kommentoi:

‘Rock In The City’ is a fierce up-tempo mood lifter that anyone working five days a week and running in a rat race can relate to. Sometimes you just need to let off steam by hitting the town when Friday comes and just rock your socks off!


It was really great playing our old songs live last year as we were at the same time making some new ones. This year is going to be amazing – it’s always exciting to publish new material, let alone hit the stages with the new songs. ‘Rock In The City’ definitely says it all about our energy levels and about how excited we are – just wait and see!


Emppu steps down from the active role as a guitarist of Brother Firetribe due to lack of time. Simple as that, no drama, no fuss. Everyone understands the magnitude of a beast called Nightwish and all of us want to see them go conquer the world. Or two. What a band. With that said, he’s still our brother, stays in the team and you can actually hear him do his magic on the new album too. We got extremely lucky with having Roope Riihijärvi to step in and save our asses from doing nothing, which really wasn’t an option. This band is too much fun to stop now. On with the show, feel the burn!

Roope Riihijärvi jatkaa:

I’ve been following and loving this band for many years now. It’s amazing to be part of this band where the mentality is right and the songs are simply terrific! I look forward to everything that’s coming along with this group. See you at the gigs!

Pekka Heino – vocals
Roope Riihijärvi – guitar
Jason Flinck – bass
Tomppa Nikulainen – keyboards
Hannes Pirilä – drums

Kuva: Pete Voutilainen

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