Avatarium julkaisi coverin Eurythmicsin hitistä ”Here Comes The Rain Again”


Avatarium on julkaissut coverin Eurythmicsin hitistä ”Here Comes The Rain Again”.

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”Live in the studio! While working on new material in the studio we wanted to record and interpret some songs that has inspired us through the years. We also tried to find songs that wasn’t too obvious like a Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin song for instance. We started to jam on this beautiful song by Eurythmics, liked what we heard and this is the result. We will release some more songs from this recording day called ”Deep Well Sessions” so be sure to subscribe to this channel to stay tuned!”

  • Filmed and recorded at Nox Studios in Stockholm.
  • Recorded and mixed by :Viktor Stenquist
  • Filmed and edited by : Per Schelander
  • Produced by: Marcus Jidell and Rickard Nilsson
  • Arranged by:  Avatarium


  • Jennie-Ann Smith : Vocals
  • Marcus Jidell : Guitar
  • Mats Rydström: Bass
  • Andreas Habo Johansson :Drums
  • Rickard Nilsson: Keyboards

Song written by: Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart.

Lähde: Avatarium
Kuva: Kuvakaappaus


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