Avatar julkaisi uuden Suomessa työstetyn musiikkivideon ”Going Hunting”

Avatar on julkaissut uuden Suomessa työstetyn musiikkivideon ”Going Hunting”.

”It’s not always evident what is strength and what is weakness. In the blinding light of conformity, the inner darkness is your only hope.”

  • Director: Johan Carlén
  • Story: Avatar and Johan Carlén
  • Screenplay: Johan Carlén
  • Motion capture actor: Mpululu Ntuve
  • Character concept artist: Rivon Teh
  • 3D character modeling and character animation: Max Abrahamsson
  • 3D compositing: Johan Carlén
  • Director of photography: Johan Carlén
  • Editing and post production: Johan Carlén
  • Mask: Emma Falkensjö
  • Costume: Mikaela Magnusson
  • Remote production Finland:
  • Aura Productions
  • Camera operator: Vesa Waahlroos
  • Mask: Valentina Kuula
  • Sound & Production assistant: Mikko Salonen
  • Production assistant: Costas Waahlroos

Lähde: Avatar


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