Atte Palokangas julkaisi videon Thunderstonen kappaleesta ”Veterans Of The Apocalypse”


Beast In Blackin ja Thunderstonen rumpali Atte Palokangas on julkaissut version jälkimmäisen yhtyeen vuoden 2016 ”Apocalypse Again” -levyllä ilmestyneestä kappaleesta ”Veterans Of The Apocalypse”.

Rumpali kirjoittaa seuraavan saatteen tulkinnalle:

“My” drumcover of Thunderstone’s song called “Veterans Of The Apocalypse”. The reason why I wrote “my” is that there have been lot of conversation about quantizing on facebook’s Finnish drummer community called “rumpalit”.


Of course I have known for a long time what is quantizing but I’ve never done it by myself. Of course I’ve done some little corrections sometimes. Like take a snare hit from somewhere and place it to spot where I accidentally hit rim or something like that. But never really moved every hit in the song to the grid. Actually I purposely did it a little bit sloppy just to make it sound little bit more realistic. 😀 But yeah these conversations on facebook made me want to try, learn and see how it happens, am I able to do that? And here’s your answer, on this video. I had this song recorded just for fun after the long recording/shooting session. I just wanted to play it through. My purpose wasn’t never release it anywhere. So I played it a quite bit too laid back and to be honest, sloppy…badly… Because I knew I won’t be releasing a video of this song from this recording session. But reading this conversation made me think that I want to try to quantize the drum track and edit a video out of it.


What do you think? Did you buy it? Do you feel betrayed after reading these lines? But the truth is this happens nowadays everywhere. On every album, even on live dvd’s and stuff. Also, on records where I’ve been playing drums. Oh wow, this came out as a novel. Let’s see if anyone reads this. I really hope to have some comments about this whole thing. 😀


Oh, and by the way. I made this whole quantizing thing with free tools. Reaper, some plugins, learned it from youtube videos in few minutes. But the whole thing, as a first timer and with the tracks that needed quite a heavy editing it took so much time that it would’ve been like 100 times faster to just go to rehearsals place and just record the song tightly and publish that. 😀 So in the future, I’ll continue to publish stuff without quantizing. One shot, only my bad mixing, my bad video editing…. 😀 But biggest reason to avoid quantizing in my videos in future is that I don’t feel good when I’m watching this kind of stuff. I’m totally fine if someone does it, but when you do it, you should be also able to admit it. 🙂


Sorry if I made you watch the video and also read this far! 😀


Peace and love, stay safe people!

Lähde: Atte Palokangas
Kuva: Hannu Juutilainen ©Metalliluola

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