Armored Saint julkaisi uuden musiikkivideon ”End of the Attention Span” tulevalta levyltä


Metalliveteraani Armored Saint on julkaissut uuden musiikkivideon ”End of the Attention Span” tulevalta albumiltaan ”Punching the Sky”. Levy seuraa vuoden 2015 ”Win Hands Downia” ja ilmestyy Metal Bladen kautta 23.10.2020.

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Basisti Joey Vera kommentoi:

We’ve teamed up with video director Robert Graves for our first single, ’End of the Attention Span’. Robert got the lyrical content right away and together we delved into society’s ongoing fascination with electronic devices and the insidious disconnect it creates. The irony is that most of us feel connected together through our phone and computer screens, but the reality is that we have created a wedge between ourselves. Our human interactions have been infected with an intense need for information. We’re always ’looking’ for more. The end result is a very damaged attention span.


The goal is to write really good music. I know I’m stating the obvious here but that’s about the size of our agenda. We’ve been able to shed a lot of expectations that sometimes plague a band like ours that has been around a long time, and we’ve recently moved into a comfort zone with just being ourselves. We have this kind of freedom now that we didn’t really have early in our career, and we can take some chances and make the kind of music that we want to hear. This record is a reflection of where we are at, right now.

Vokalisti John Bush jatkaa:

When you’re a band that began four decades ago, you really have to push yourself harder than ever when it comes to making a new record. The last thing you ever want is for it to appear as though you were going through the motions or that you’re just putting a product out to do some touring. The records are immortal. They’ll be here long after us. Every one needs to count in its own individual way.

Kansitaide ja kappalelista:

1. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
2. End of the Attention Span
3. Bubble
4. My Jurisdiction
5. Do Wrong to None
6. Lone Wolf
7. Missile to Gun
8. Fly in the Ointment
9. Bark, No Bite
10. Unfair
11. Never You Fret

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