Amaranthe ylistää Iron Maidenin “Flight 666”- ja Metallican ”…And Justice For All” -levyjä uudella videolla

Amaranthen vokalisti Elize Ryd sekä kitaristi Olof Mörck vierailevat uudessa jaksossa ruotsalaista Vad har du I påsen (Mitä löytyy pussista) –ohjelmassa, jossa tähdet esittelevät suosikkivinyylejään ja artisteja. Mörckin ostoskassista löytyy Metallican ”…And Justice For All” ja At The Gatesin ”Slaughter Of The Soul”. Elizen valinnat ovat puolestaan Holen levy ”Live Through This” sekä Iron Maidenin ”Flight 666” –livekiekko.

Amaranthe nähdään ensi kesänä jälleen Suomessa Hyvinkään Rockfestissä sekä John Smith Rock Festivaleilla.

Olof luonnehtii ”…And Justice For All” –albumia seuraavasti:

An extremely important album for me and the first record I bought from store. I think I bought it in early 90’s, around 1991 or 1992. It was right after I was at my friend’s house, hearing metal for the first time. My friend played “Blackened” from the album for me and it just hit me that “this is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard!” and that I needed more of it. My dad used to play me Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin so it was partially the pure appreciation of metal music, but it didn’t take more than one year after hearing “…And Justice For All” before I started playing guitar. You started to figure out Kirk Hammett’s solos, which you by that time thought were fantastic. Nowadays maybe not so fantastic. From this album there were not too many steps away until I started to listen to music that would influence Amaranthe more directly. And it still happens that I pick up the guitar and start to play old Metallica riffs.

Elize kertoo ”Flight 666” -levystä seuraavaa:

My brother introduced Iron Maiden to our family. The thing with this album specifically is that it includes all of my favourite songs which I noticed when I read the tracklist. But I still think that “Fear Of The Dark” is the number one. Another fun thing about this album is that photographer, Iron Maiden’s main photographer whose name is John McMurtrie from the UK, he has also photographed us. You didn’t think that when you were seven sitting at home or wherever I was, you would get the opportunity to meet him and he would photograph our band. But that’s what’s so fun with such legends, that you get so inspired and there’s always new levels to reach. The dreams live on. Thanks to good music.

Katso jakso alta (englanninkieliset tekstitykset saa asetuksista):

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