Aborted julkaisee EP:n ”La Grande Mascarade” huhtikuussa


Belgialainen death metal –yhtye Aborted julkaisee uuden EP:n “La Grande Mascarade” 17.4.2020. Kansitaiteesta vastasi Mitchell Nolte Art and Illustration.

Yhtye kommentoi:

Allright you primitive screwheads! Here’s some more good news for ya; this is my boomsti.. wait.. SO Not only are we coming with this ultimate badass tour with Napalm Death – who will show everyone what grind your groin means – but we are also happy to announce you our latest boomsti..err release. Since 2020 marks 25 years of us making noise, we figured we should take advantage of that fact and serve you guys up some tasty treats in the form of ‘La Grande Mascarade’ (Yes it’s french; you grammar nazis), which is a brandspanking new EP featuring 3 new tracks. If you want to hear us go full ‘special person’ and go beyond the limits of what we have done so far, stay tuned for the first single soon (maybe…) Oh yes, we also just released some pre orders for this; snag some if you want to support the band and get ready for death metal! And for the Europeans out there, Impericon will have the same pre order up in the next few days! GRRRR! and shit.

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Kansitaide ja kappalelista:

1. Gloom and the Art of Tribulation
2. Serpent of Depravity
3. Funereal Malediction

Lähde: Century Media

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