Voodoo Circle julkaisi singlen “Sweet Devotion” tulevalta kokoelmalevyltään


Voodoo Circle julkaisee best of -albumin “15 Years of Voodoo” 1.12.2023. Levyltä löytyy myös aiemmin julkaisematon raita “Sweet Devotion”, jonka voit kuunnella alta:

Alex Beyrodt: “Sweet Devotion is a typical Voodoo Circle song with all trademarks. David’s voice blows me away every time. I’m glad that the song now has its place on the Best Of album that will be released soon!“

“15 Years Of Voodoo” biisit:
01. Locked & Loaded
02. Flesh & Bone
03. Wasting Time
04. Devil With An Angel Smile
05. Higher Love
06. Running Away From Love
07. Graveyard City
08. Heart Of Babylon
09. Cry For Love
10. Trapped In Paradise
11. Watch And Wait (I Got My Eye On You)
12. Devil’s Daughter
13. No Solution Blues
14. Broken Heart Syndrome
15. Man And Machine
16. Spewing Lies
17. Master Of Illusion
18. Sweet Devotion (Bonus)
19. Rock’n Roll Remedy (Bonus)

Levyn tilaukset: https://voodoocircle.bfan.link/15-years-of-voodoo 



  • Alex Beyrodt – Guitars
  • David Readman – Vocals
  • Mat Sinner – Bass
  • Markus Kullmann – Drums

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