Trope julkaisi coverin ”Shout”-kappaleesta

Kuva: Trope

Los Angelesista tuleva progressiivista rockia soittava Trope julkaisi coverin Tears for Fearsin hitistä ”Shout”. Kappaletta on coveroinut muun muassa Disturbed ”The Sickness” -albumillaan vuonna 2000.

Yhtye kommentoi: ”The song ’Shout’, to us, is a reaffirmation of value and strength of our ability to move past toxic situations and people towards the things that help elevate us emotionally and spiritually. I think it also lifts the curtain on how even when times are hard, we should never negate the value of human life. It gives a voice to people who deserve and want to be seen and heard.”

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Kuva: Trope


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