Thrash metal –yhtye Havok julkaisee “V”-albumin toukokuussa

Kuva: Mark Maryanovich

Coloradosta saapuva thrash metal –yhtye Havok julkaisee ”V”-levyn toukokuussa. Albumi seuraa vuoden 2017 ”Conformicidea” ja julkaisu tapahtuu 1.5.2020 Century Median kautta.

Havokin kitaristi/vokalisti David Sanchez kertoo uudesta levystä seuraavaa:

A lot of experimentation went into the writing and recording of ‘V.’ The album offers the same intensity that we’re known for, but with a few twists that may surprise people. The music is dense with lots of different intertwining parts and we’re beyond excited to release our best-sounding record to date.

Eliran Kantorin suunnittelema kansitaide ja kappalelista:

1. Post-Truth Era
2. Fear Campaign
3. Betrayed By Technology
4. Ritual Of The Mind
5. Interface With The Infinite
6. Dab Tsog
7. Phantom Force
8. Cosmetic Surgery
9. Panpsychism
10. Merchants Of Death
11. Don’t Do It

Havok julkisti samalla uuden basistin Brandon Brucen, joka debytoi ”V”-levyllä. Bruce kommentoi:

I am really excited about this record and to be playing bass with Havok. We really focused on structure and songwriting while maintaining the heavy riffs and brutal music the band is known for. I’m proud of how it turned out and can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Reece Alan Scruggs – Lead Shred
Pete Webber – Lead Drums
David Sanchez – Lead Riffs / Lead Vocals
Brandon Bruce – Lead Bass / Backing Vocals

Burn – 2009
Time Is Up – 2011
Unnatural Selection – 2013
Conformicide – 2017
V – 2020

Kuva: Mark Maryanovich
Lähde: Century Media


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