Sonata Arctica julkaisi uuden kappaleen ”A Little Less Understanding” syyskuussa ilmestyvältä levyltä

Kuva: Atte Mäläskä

Kotimainen metallihuippu Sonata Arctica julkaisee 10.studiolevynsä ”Talviyö” syyskuussa. Ensimmäinen single ja lyriikkavideo kappaleesta ”A Little Less Understanding” on nyt katsottavissa.

Albumi nauhoitettiin syyskuun 2018 ja toukokuun 2019 välillä ja sen tuotti Mikko Tegelman.

Levy julkaistaan Nuclear Blastin kautta 6.9.2019.

Kosketinsoittaja Henrik “Henkka” Klingberg kommentoi:

We were talking about having an album cover made from a photo and luckily managed to find this award winning photographer Onni Wiljami who actually hails from a village not too far from our hometown and his pictures were just perfect for this album. We recorded a bunch of kick ass songs and tried some new stuff as well. I’m really proud of how we managed to record the band sounding more live, playing together instead of just tracking everything one by one. Mikko produced the album and he really managed to push us to do our best, even with the more experimental stuff. Working with an outside producer was the biggest new thing we tried this time.

Vokalisti Tony Kakko lisää:

The idea was to create an album that is musically in line with at least the previous two albums. I am very happy with the songs and the general mood of the album. Some career highlights there, I feel.

“A Little Less Understanding” is lyrically somewhat a follow up for ”I Have A Right” and talks about the difficulty of making the right choices with the upbringing of a new human being.

Singlen saa ladattua digitaalisesti linkistä.

SONATA ARCTICA – Live kesä 2019

21.06. F Clisson – Hellfest *SOLD OUT*
28.06. FIN Oulu – Rock in the City
29.06. D Dischingen – Rock am Härtsfeldsee *SOLD OUT*
05.07. FIN Rauma – Rock in the City
07.07. E Barcelona – Rock Fest
12.07. FIN Lahti – Rock in the City
13.07. FIN Tampere – Sauna Open Air
19.07. FIN Kouvola – Rock in the City
26.07. FIN Rovaniemi – Rock in the City
02.08. FIN Lappeenranta – Rock in the City
09.08. FIN Jyväskylä – Rock in the City
10.08. FIN Lieto – SmugglerRok
16.08. FIN Joensuu – Rock in the City
18.08. BG Varna – Rock Fest

Lähde: Nuclear Blast
Kuva: Atte Mäläskä


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