Necrophobicilta uusi video kappaleesta “Devil’s Spawn Attack”: menossa mukana Destructionin Schmier.

Kuva: Pete Alander

Black/death metallia soittava ruotsalainen Necrophobic julkaisee uuden levynsä ”Dawn of the Damned” 9.10.2020 (Century Media Records).

Yhtye julkaisi levyltä uuden kappaleen ja musiikkivideon ”Devil’s Spawn Attack”, jossa on mukana Destruction-yhtyeen Schmier. Videon on ohjannut Henrik Hedberg yhdessä Necrophobicin kanssa.

Yhtye kommentoi: ”On our upcoming album “Dawn of the Damned” we have got a very special guest appearance by Schmier of DESTRUCTION. Earlier this year when we were working on the album, we felt that one of the songs would fit this legend just about perfectly and we are grateful he accepted our invitation! He made a fantastic contribution on our song ‘Devil’s Spawn Attack’ and here you can see and hear the result in form of a video of our collaboration.”

Schmier jatkaa: “What a killer tune this is! I heard the song for the first time when the band asked me to check out the track, I was caught right away by the old school approach and the in your face songwriting! Killer stuff and great fun in the studio, I hope the fans will dig it as much as I did when we recorded my part in Switzerland with my buddy V.O. Pulver!“

“Dawn of the Damned” kappalelista:
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Dawn of the Damned
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Devil’s Spawn Attack


  • Anders Strokirk – vocals
  • Sebastian Ramstedt – lead guitars
  • Johan Bergebäck – rhythm guitar
  • Allan Lundholm – bass
  • Joakim Sterner – drums



Lähde: Century Media
Kuva: Pete Alander (Steelfest 2018)


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