Mob Rules julkaisi tulevalta levyltään uuden coverin


Saksalainen melodista power metallia soittava Mob Rules juhlii kolmekymppisiään julkaisemalla kokoelmalevyn “Celebration Day – 30 Years Of Mob Rules”. 

Kokoelma sisältää kaksi levyä ja 30 biisivalintaa. “I immediately have to think of “Way Of The World”, which was the last song on our “Hollowed Be Thy Name” album from 2002,” kertoo laulaja Klaus“We were able to get ex-Helloween/Masterplan guitarist Roland Grapow for a guest appearance and in the end the eight-and-a-half-minute track became one of the best in our repertoire.”

Osa kokoelman kappaleista on aiemmin ollut tarjolla vain digitaalisessa muodossa kuten “Hymn Of The Damned” ja Amon Amarth coveri “Raven’s Flight”. Levylle kappaleet on remasteroinut Markus Teske.

Levyllä on mukana kolme uutta coveria ja aiemmin julkaisematonta materiaalia. Covereita ovat Run To The Hills” (Iron Maiden), “Fame” (Irene Cara) ja “Square Hammer” (Ghost).

Uusin single levyltä on Irene Caran “Fame”:

Klaus Dirks kertoo: “Responsible for this is our former drummer Nikolas Fritz. During the lockdown he suddenly had the idea to make this cover version of Irene Cara’s song. While showering he heard it on the radio and suddenly felt that it was a good idea to make a Metal version of it. So we made it happen with the help of our friend and engineer Markus Teske who added this symphonic touch. We are very happy with the result!”

Aiemmin yhtye julkaisi Iron Maiden -coverin:

Klaus Dirks: “Iron Maiden was the band of my youth and “The Number of the Beast” is the album that sparked my passion for heavy metal, Iron Maiden still fascinates me to this day. That’s why, after such a long time, I felt a real need to pay tribute to this band with our interpretation”.

Albumin kansitaiteen on toteuttanut ranskalainen Stan-W Decker (Primal Fear, Blue Öyster Cult, Rage).

CD 1
01. Way Of The World
02. Run To The Hills (Iron Maiden Cover)
new unreleased track
03. Fame (Irene Cara Cover)
new unreleased track
04. Square Hammer (Ghost Cover)
new unreleased track
05. Ghost Town (re-recorded)
previously digital only
06. Sacred Heart (Dio Cover)
07. Ghost Of A Chance
08. Hollowed Be Thy Name
09. Sinister Light
10. Black Rain
11. Ice & Fire
12. Somerled
13. Flag Of Life
14. Unholy War
15. Fuel To The Fire
01. Raven’s Flight (Amon Amarth Cover)
previously digital only
02. Hymn Of The Damned
previously digital only
03. Lord Of Madness (re-recorded)
04. Evolution’s Falling
05. Shores Ahead
06. Hydrophobia
07. Hold Back The Light
08. Tele Box Fool
09. Desperate Son
10. The Sirens
11. Better Morning
12. Trial By Fire
13. On The Edge
14. Rain Song
15. Dykemaster’s Tale
Kansi: Stan-W Decker

Kokoelma julkaistaan 3.5.2024. Tilaukset linkistä:

Lähde: SPV/Steamhammer