Metalcore-yhtye Burning Hazen uusi video “Vesper” katsottavissa

Italialainen metalcore-yhtye Burning Haze julkaisi debyyttialbuminsa “Evil Flowers” vuonna 2022. Nyt yhtye on julkaissut uuden singlen ja videon “Vesper”. Samalla kokoonpano on kiinnitetty Warmusic MGMT:n ja Superbia Music Groupin listoille.

Yhtye kertoo singlestä: This song represents very well our present musical style. After a debut album with a really long and troubled pre and post production and a sound with vibes from the 2010s’ metalcore, our new musical direction is characterized by a gloomy atmosphere in line with the song’s meaning. The lyrics -and also the video- tell about a dystopian world that’s being devastated by an army of humans, which are infected by a dark disease and faithful to a creed that makes them omologate and overcome the others. This whole image is a metaphor of the present society and its dark and crumbling sides. We, as a band, want to be the supporters of a different point of view and in the video, indeed, we are the ones who take and carry the light given by a dark feminine figure who fights the fallen humankind. This mysterious figure and the whole scenario portrayed by the song are the prelude to a wider story that we want to tell through the next tracks we’re working on. There’s an album in the works, coming out probably next year. There will be lots of surprises for the fans of the genre and for who will decide to follow us in this journey. We can’t wait”.

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