Memoriam julkaisi singlen ja lyriikkavideon

Kuva: Timm Sonnenschein

Memoriam julkaisee neljännen albuminsa ”To The End” 26.3.2021 (Reaper Entertainment).
Nyt kuuntelussa single ”Failure to Comply”:

Karl Willetts kertoo kappaleesta:
”This is one of the first songs that came together for the new album. A song, we got a serious political theme to it, written in the whole time span of the ”black lifes matter” demonstrations.
So this song is inspired by these events and it is inspired by a friend of mine, who was involved in one of these demonstrations in the USA. She was there to video the event.
And in the process of this, she managed to get arrested and recieved 80 hours of community service for her work on the demonstration. But she managed it to get very good video footage of the police, warning the crowd and threatening to use chemical weapons to get them off the streets. It was frighting to see these scenes and it inspired me to write the lyrics of the song.
So the lyrics fit very well with the music, which is very hard and hitting. This song is a tribute to all people who was part of the black life matters demonstrations and of course to my friend.”

Karl Willetts | vocals (ex-BOLT THROWER)
Frank Healy | bass (ex-BENEDICTION)
Spike T Smith | drums (Sacrilege, Conflict, Killing Joke, The Damned)
Scott Fairfax | guitars (AS THE WORLD DIES, ex-BENEDICTION live)


Singlet ja trailerit:
”Onwards Into Battle” :
Album Trailer #1:
Album Trailer #2
Album Trailer #3:

Ennakkotilaukset ”To The End” :

MEMORIAM online:

Lähde: Reaper Entertainment
Kuva: Timm Sonnenschein


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