Marduk suuntaa 30-vuotisjuhlakiertueelle 2020

Kuva: Jens Ryden

Ruotsalainen black metal –yhtye Marduk on ilmoittanut suuntaavansa 30-vuotisen uransa kunniaksi juhlakiertueelle ensi vuonna. Bändi perustettiin vuonna 1990 ja debyyttilevy ilmestyi kaksi vuotta myöhemmin.

Marduk nähdään Suomessa kolmella keikalla joulukuun puolivälissä 2019.

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Swedish black metal band Marduk was founded by guitarist Morgan Håkansson in March 1990. Now, three decades later – through various line-up changes, fourteen studio albums, as well as several EPs, DVDs, and live records – their subversive pursuits remain as vibrant and pure as initially envisioned, although honed and refined with maturity and wisdom.

From the very first demo to the latest album, Marduk have carved out their legacy as innovative pioneers with ceaseless devotion to pushing boundaries – not only in terms of music and concepts but also incessant campaigning. Marduk were never content with treading pre-conquered soil, acting instead as a spearhead for extreme metal; constantly breaking new ground and expanding their crusade by planting the flag of death in new territories. As a testament of sheer resilience and grit, the concert toll currently stands at roughly 1,300 dates in 70 different countries – an achievement which has left in its wake the ruins, rubble, and salted earth of vanquished detractors.

The year 2020 sees the thirtieth anniversary of Marduk’s formation and this jubilant occasion will be commemorated with a massive world tour. Worthy of note here is that, unlike most of their peers from the veteran generation, this is no nostalgic reunion reminiscing forlorn days of glory but rather an unbroken continuation of events set in motion thirty years ago. Marduk have taken neither breaks, hiatuses, nor time-outs – instead pushing onwards relentlessly through fleeting trends, transient fads, and a complete upheaval of the record industry; all without missing a beat.

The black march is soon to commence and there will be no ceasefire on any front, as all prospects of peace are trampled under the Devil’s jackboot. Vincere Aut Mori! Marduk Legions Worldwide, let the storm break loose as the trumpets of reprisal sound!

Kuva: Jens Ryden

Lähde: Marduk


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