Machine Head julkaisi kolme uutta kappaletta

Machine Head on julkaissut kolmen kappaleen kokonaisuuden ”Arrows In Words From The Sky”. Setti sisältää kolme uutta kappaletta ”Rotten,” ”Arrows In Words From The Sky” ja ”Become The Firestorm”.

Robb Flynn kertoo:
”The lyrics to these songs took to me places inside I didn’t want to go, from the bile and negativity on “Rotten,” to nothing-will-beat-me-down fury of “Become The Firestorm,” to the title track “Arrows” being one of the saddest songs I’ve ever written, yet somehow has the power to lift me up out of what was a very dark time in my life. My hope is that by sharing these dark experiences with the Head Cases of the world, it can save someone else out of that same dark place.”

Kuuntele kappaleet täältä:

Lähde: Nuclear Blast


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