Kotimainen Bloodred Hourglass julkaisi uuden singlen ja videon


Kotimainen Bloodred Hourglass on julkaissut uuden singlen ja videon kappaleesta ”Nightmares Are Dreams Too”, joka on yhtyeen tulevalta albumilta. Levy julkaistaan myöhemmin tänä vuonna.

Kitaristi Lauri Silvonen kommentoi kappaletta:

”Nightmares Are Dreams Too” is a mixture of heavy riffs, clean guitars, and beautiful leads that create a wistful but aggressive atmosphere. This straightforward song also carries a straightforward message: if you lack knowledge and don’t have anything constructive to say, just rather keep your opinions to yourself. All in all” Nightmares Are Dreams Too” sums up big melodies, heavy grooves, and solid words while offering the first glimpse of how Bloodred Hourglass blends metalcore elements to their signature melodeath sound!
It’s the balance of keeping it simple yet interesting while also bringing forth some fresh elements. Obviously, stupidity of people is a never-ending source too.”

Laulaja Jarkko Koukonen lisää: ”Lyrically, it’s going to be by far the most personal album to date. It’s an introspective trip into loss, lost chances of life and love – all crowned with sadness. You get a lot closer by being also fragile, and the contrast we managed to capture on this record is definitely some next-level BRHG.”

Bloodred Hourglass on:

  • Jarkko Koukonen – vocals
  • Jarkko Hyvönen – drums
  • Jose Moilanen – bass
  • Lauri Silvonen – guitar
  • Joni Lahdenkauppi – guitar
  • Eero Silvonen – guitar

Bloodred Hourglass netissä:

Bloodred Hourglass keikalla:

  • 16.-17.7.2021 – Sieravuori, Metallivuori 2021
  • 24.7.2021 – Mikkeli, St. Michel Summerfest 2021
  • 27.-28.8.2021 – Nokia, Tuhdimmat Tahdit 2021
  • 27.10.2021 – Helsinki, Vanha Ylioppilastalo

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