Kiuas julkaisi “The Visionary” -livevideon jäähyväiskeikaltaan


Tiedote 25.1.2021

Kiuas-yhtyeen jäähyväiskeikalta Helsingin Nosturista vuodelta 2013 on katsottavissa video kappaleesta ”The Visionary” .

”May 2020 marks 20 years from the founding of Kiuas. To celebrate the band will release a long awaited complete audiovisual experience of their last concert in 2013 at the also legendary and just recently demolished venue Nosturi in Helsinki, Finland. The show and recording consists of a live set of 22 songs from the Kiuas catalog, including some seldom or even never before heard live gems, with nearly 3 hours worth of music. All the members of all Kiuas line-ups can be seen and heard performing on the stage.”

Lähde: Kiuas
Kuva: Kuvakaappaus


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