Kane Robertsin uudella singlellä “King Of The World” vierailee Nita Strauss

Kane Roberts on julkaissut uuden singlen 25.1.2019 ilmestyvältä ”The New Normal” –levyltä. Biisi tottelee nimeä ”King Of The World” ja on kuunneltavissa alta. Kappaleessa vierailee Alice Cooperin kitaristi Nita Strauss.

Roberts kommentoi uutta singleä ja Straussia:

There are artists out there…women…who are smashing glass ceilings every time they step into the spotlight. That’s Nita Strauss right there. She walks onto the stage, she’s tearing up the guitar like a stunning beast while decimating tired, pre-conceived notions. I wanted to trade solos with a guitarist and Nita had long ago carved her way into my brain. She was the only person I called. We go at it pretty hard and when she played her first solo…well it woke me the fuck up.

1. King Of The World
2. Wonderful
3. Beginning Of The End
4. Who We Are
5. Forever Out Of Place
6. Leave This World Behind
7. The Lion’s Share
8. Leave Me In The Dark
9. Above And Beyond
10. Wrong

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