Kanadalainen goottiheviartisti Cecilie Monique julkaisi uuden musiikkivideon “Break”

Tiedote 13.7.2019

Kanadalainen goottiheviä esittävä Cecile Monique on julkaissut uuden musiikkivideon kappaleesta “Break”. Biisi löytyy laulajan viime vuonna ilmestyneeltä ”Genesis”-albumilta. Singlellä on mukana myös rekmiksaus biisistä.

Monique kommentoi uutta videota ja remiksausta:

When we were scouting locations for the ”Break” video and stumbled upon ‘The Imaginarium,’ I knew instantly that their Grand Wilshire Hotel escape room would be the perfect location for the shoot. As soon as we walked in, we all felt like we were on the set of a Stephen King movie! It just had the perfect, chilling atmosphere and so many impressive little details that made it the perfect complement to the feel of the song.
“The Break” remix showcases an alternate version of the song that highlights a more industrial, ambient take with a hint of darkwave, which definitely channels my gothic roots in a new way. This is the first time that I’m featuring a remix of one of my original songs and I hope that it will also be a way for new listeners of other styles of music to encounter my work.


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