Joe Lynn Turner: Yngwie Malmsteen ei toista ”Odysseyn” menestystä.

Yngwie Malmsteenin yhtyeessä vuoden 1988 ”Odyssey”-levyllä ja tätä seuranneella ”Live In Leningrad”-kiekolla laulanut Joe Lynn Turner on kollegansa Jeff Scott Soton tavoin vastannut kitaristin aiemmin esittämiin väitteisiin laulajien egosta. Turnerin mukaan hän kirjoitti puolet ”Odysseyn” sanoituksista ja laulumelodioista, eikä usko Malmsteenin koskaan enää pystyvän toistamaan levyn menestystä. Turner jatkaa keikkailua sooloartistina ja on myös valmistelemassa yhteistä albumia Hypocrisy- ja Pain-keulamies Peter Tägtgrenin kanssa.

Turnerin lausunto luettavissa alta:

In regard to the recent Malmsteen article, I feel compelled to rebut his delusional statements.

The ’Odyssey’ album was his biggest success that he has not since and will never repeat again. It’s undeniable that I am responsible for 50% of the writing credits namely the melody and lyrics and 100% of the vocal performances.

Malmsteen’s statements can only be taken as the rantings of a megalomaniac desperately trying to justify his own insecurity. His claim that ’singers’ are too egotistical is moronic and pathetic coming from him. The fact that he would lash out at all the great vocalists and respectful gentlemen that he had the good fortune and honor to work with is simply outrageous.

How sad does a man become when he has to downgrade others to make himself feel big and important. This man thrives on public approval and needs total control because he lives in personal fear. I quit ’Rising Force’ because of his intolerable and twisted ego.

If your pride is bigger than your heart and your ego is bigger than your head grow up or you will be alone for life. But after all, who can blame a child who shits his pants because he just doesn’t know any better.



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