In Flames julkaisi musiikkivideon uudesta versiostaan ”Only For The Weak”

In Flames on julkaissut uuden Patric Ullaeuksen ohjaaman musiikkivideon ”Only For The Weak”. Kyseessä on bändin tuoreelle ”Clayman” -juhlajulkaisulle uudelleen versioitu kappale.

Anders Fridén kertoo:

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, 20 years of ”Clayman” wouldn’t be possible or as meaningful without the support of Jesterheads through out our career. This video is dedicated to you and the community we’ve built that surpasses just the music. In Jesterheads We Trust.

1.Bullet Ride
2.Pinball Map
3.Only For The Weak
4…As The Future Repeats Today
5.Square Nothing
7.Satellites and Astronauts
8.Brush The Dust Away
10.Suburban Me
11.Another Day In Quicksand
12.Themes and Variations in D-Minor (instrumental)
13.Only For The Weak (Re-recorded)
14.Bullet Ride (Re-recorded)
15.Pinball Map (Re-recorded)
16.Clayman (Re-recorded)

Lähde: Nuclear Blast
Kuva: Pete Alander ©Metalliluola


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