Russian metalcore band Equilibrium Falls released their latest single earlier this year and Metalliluola reached out to band’s guitarist Alexei Saveliev via email to discuss about the band itself, their latest release and personal music background, among other things:

How are you? How’s your year been so far?

Hi! I’m doing alright, thank you. Hope you’re doing fine too. The year has been good so far. But I think it’s a bit early to say anything definite. But we worked on our new single ”Square Zero Constant”, we released it and so far things are looking good. Really good, positive reaction from the Russian audience so far.

Tell me about yourself. What’s history with your music background and how did you end up playing in the metal genre?

The first band I was a fan of was The Prodigy. And I still think they’re great. The band that really got me into metal was actually W.A.S.P. From there I explored other 1980’s metal bands. I then got into other genres of metal like Power Metal, Black Metal, even tried Industrial Metal but failed miserably at that. And then I heard ”Take This life” by In Flames and I was hooked. Obviously I also started searching for other bands in this genre like Dark Tranquillity, The Duskfall etc. But yeah, the band that got me into metal was W.A.S.P.

So, how about Equilibrium Falls? For those who don’t know: what kind of a band is it and what’s the meaning behind the name?

Initially we were a straight forward Swedish Melodic Death Metal. But around 2015-2016 things began to change. For various reasons I felt that it was time to move away from the Melodic Death Metal -genre and start adding elements from other genres of metal.
In 2017 those changes appeared in our album ”Frames And Horizons” and really started to show themselves in singles like ”Opium For The Soul” (2017) and ”Through The Storm” (2018). And after that, in 2018, we released our EP called ”Within The Core” which I think really marked a new beginning for Equilibrium Falls. The Melodic Death Metal ”foundation” perhaps still remains but during the last few years there were more and more influences from other genres like metalcore and deathcore.

As for the band name – I came up with it a very long time ago actually. Just thought it sounded like a good name for a band. So it’s not like there is a hidden message or anything like that. But at the same time if the listener feels like there is some sort of meaning behind it then that’s great too.

You released a new single ”Square Zero Constant” earlier this year. What can you tell us about the song, for example, lyrical themes and creative process?

To be honest, I don’t really like to explain lyrics. I think that just defies the whole point of it. It’s a bit like trying to explain music. You listen to it and you either get it or not. Plus I try to write lyrics that are abstract so that the song becomes more personal for each listener. Because I fully understand that my personal problems are not particularly interesting for other people. So I try to write something that every single listener can relate to and make personal. But in short the song is about feeling like you are stuck in the same place in life and finding it hard to make positive and constructive changes. I think many people go through this.

As for the creative process – it started off as usual, with a guitar riff. In fact it is the very first riff you hear in the song. We tried to add more music effects, synths and various other sound design elements in this song. This is something that we did in previous singles since 2019 but I think ”Square Zero Constant” has the best result so far.

What are your plans after this?

We will be working on an EP after this. The EP will probably contain five songs, one of the tracks will be an instrumental. There might also be a re-written version of a previously released song. Regarding the music – there are a few drafts already written so we are literally in the process of working on the EP already. Stylistically it will be in the same vein as the previous singles.

Where can we find Equilibrium Falls, and how can we support you?

You can stream all of our releases on Spotify and AppleMusic. Here is the link for our latest release: Distrokid

We’re on Bandcamp so if anyone wants to purchase our tracks that’s probably the best place to do this. Our merch is also up on Bandcamp, we have various t-shirt designs available and also a ”Within The Core” digipak. And there is also our site where you can purchase all of our releases and merch and there is an option of signing up to our newsletter.

What’s your favorite memory with Equilibrium Falls that’s stuck on your mind?

I don’t think there is one particular memory. I try to remember everything and I think everything that happens with the band is equally important for me. But I think the first gig in 2013 probably stands out. Just because it was our first gig.

And finally: what music you like to listen to? Any artists or bands that you would recommend?

I can listen to anything as long as it’s good. Don’t care about the genre at all. But if we’re going to talk about metal then the last band that really impressed me was Spiritbox. Amongst others I listen to Cabal, Earth Caller, Void of Vision, Emmure, Bury Tomorrow. I would recommend you check out our friends from St. Petersburg – Cult of Madness. They’ve released a single called ”Stillborn” in November and they have new material in the works. I think it’s going to sound sick.

Any greetings to our readers?

First of all – I hope your readers stay safe and healthy! Huge thank you to anyone from Finland or any other part of the world who has shown interest in Equilibrium Falls and supported us in one way or another. We appreciate it very much!

Equilibrium Falls
Vocals: Sergey Pavlov-Blokhin
Bass: Alexandr Marakhovsky
Guitars: Alexei Saveliev

Apple Music

Square Zero Constant (single, 2021)
Reflected Upon Me (single, 2020)
Crossed Out (single, 2020)
Red Star Residue (single, 2019)
Within The Core (EP, 2018)
Frames And Horizons (2017)
Threshold (single, 2015)
In Absence Of A View (EP, 2014)

Interview: Teppo Luoma
Photo: Equilibrium Falls


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