Hyväntekeväisyysprojekti Save The Noize julkaisi musiikkivideon

Save The Noize on glam rock -yhtye Velvet Insanen ja Rasmus Harnesk Wiklundin perustama hyväntekeväisyysprojekti, joka hakee varoja ruotsalaiselle Musikerförbundet’s Crisis Foundationille, joka puolestaan tukee artisteja, jotka ovat joutuneet kärsimään Covid-19 pandemian seurauksista.

Kappaleessa ”Save The Noize” on mukana useita pohjoismaisia hard rock -artisteja.

”The idea was born during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has stricken hard against everybody, not to say the least against musicians in Sweden and around the world.

Save The Noize is a modern and socially relevant hard rock song. A big refrain, catchy melody, and power, is the focus to give the feeling of musicians and culture creators in Sweden as well as around the world, coming together for a common cause. To support and help each other.
Listen and make a difference!”

Video by: Gustav Kronfelt
Music: Erik Modin
Lyrics: Erik Modin & Martin Sweet
Mixed by: Roger Bergsten at Nevo Studios
Mastered by: Thomas ”Plec” Johansson
Artwork by: Michelle Rudolfsson

Save The Noize is performed by:

  • Velvet Insane
  • Jesper Binzer (D-A-D)
  •  Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper, Solo, Roxie 77, Casablanca)
  •  Guernica Mancini (Thundermother)
  • Majsan Lindberg (Thundermother)
  •  Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall)
  • Åge Sten Nilsen (WigWam, Solo, Ammunition)
  • Peo Thyrén (Noice, Easy Action, Sha-boom)
  • Martin Sweet (Crashdiet, Sweet Creature)
  •  Tony Harnell (Solo, Starbreaker, Lovekillers, Westworld, TNT)
  • Nina Söderquist (Solo, Heartwind)
  •  Georg Härnsten Egg (Dynazty, Joe Lynn Turner)
  •  Marcus Berggren
  • Jimmy Strimell (Ex. Dead By April)
  • Love Magnusson (Dynazty, Joe Lynn Turner)
  • Matti Alfonzetti (Skintrade)
  • Scarlet
  • Eric “Cat Casino” Bäckman (Deathstars)
  • Olof Wikstrand (Enforcer)
  • Danny Rexon (Crazy Lixx)
  • Dag “Hell” Hofer (Bullet)
  •  Jens Westin (Corroded)
  • Trond Holter (Wig Wam, Jorn)
  • Pontus Sköld (Wildness)
  • Adam Holmström (Wildness)
  • Erik Forsberg (Wildness)
  • Rasmus Harnesk Wiklund (Veritas)
  • Jens Werner (Veritas)
  • Mikael Blanc (Degreed) Not in the video, but playing keys on the track.

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