Hate julkisti levytyssopimuksen sekä uuden kappaleen ”Path To Arkhen”

Kuva: Daniel Rusilowicz

Puolalainen death metal –yhtye Hate on julkistanut uuden levytyssopimuksen Metal Blade –merkin kanssa sekä esituotantoversion uudesta kappaleesta ”Path To Arkhen”, joka kuunneltavissa alta:

Seuraaja vuoden 2017 ”Tremendum”-albumille taltioidaan joulukuusta 2018 alkaen ja levyn julkaisua odotellaan kesäksi 2019. Haten käynnissä oleva kiertue jatkuu aina syyskuun loppuun saakka Euroopassa, Kiinassa sekä Japanissa.

Haten keulamies ATF Sinner kommentoi:

You are judged by the company you keep’ the saying goes, and if that is true, then we shall be judged extremely favourably. We are very proud to announce our signing to Metal Blade Records, a label that is as synonymous with Metal as the invention of the distortion pedal. This signing could not have come at a better timing, as it coincides with an opening of a new chapter in the band’s history. Beginning with the release of 2017’s ’Tremendum’, Hate has been on a journey towards new, even darker horizons, and we’re confident that this step will help us in reaching these goals. Our first collaboration is already well underway and plans have already been laid down to enter the studio in December of this year, with a tentative release date for mid-2019. Come, bear witness and join us on this journey.

Hate 2018:
ATF Sinner – vocals, guitars
Pavulon – drums
Apeiron – bass (session)
Domin – guitar (session)

Lähde: Metal Blade
Kuva: Daniel Rusilowicz


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