Tanskan Amager-saarelta kotoisin oleva hard rock -pumppu The KillerHertz vastaili Metalliluolan kysymyspatteristoon ja kertoili uransa alusta ja tulevaisuudesta. Tutustu yhtyeeseen alta.


Bändin nimi? The KillerHertz
Yhtyeen genre? Hard Rock
Ketä yhtyeeseen kuuluu? The KillerHertz consist of three members:
Guitars & vocals: Thomas Trold
Drums: Kent KillerHertz
Bass: Jakob Bo Nielsen
Mistä yhtyeenne on kotoisin? We’re from an island called Amager, outside Copenhagen in Denmark
Yhtyeenne esikuvat? Musically our inspirations thrive mostly through classic bands and artists from the 80´s and 90´s, like Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Carcass etc.…We´re a mix of new and old, as Rock Lifestyle describe us: “The KillerHertz is like Volbeat had a baby with Megadeth”
Kertokaa yhtyeenne taustatarina? We were childhood friends who have had a break from the music scene due to family and kids… We came from different band constellations back then – such as Pitch Black, Awakening, Noxtrain and JFK. But after a few years break, Thomas Trold and I started The KillerHertz back in 2011. Since then, we have two full album releases – “A Killer Anthem” in 2014 and “Mirrors Portrait” in 2017, and an EP “Innocent Sinners” from 2019.
Minkälaiset tavoitteet yhtyeellänne on? Our goals are definitely playing larger venues and festivals, perhaps even a warm-up for the bigger bands.
Minkälainen työnjako musiikin tekemisessä on? All the song writing is done by Thomas Trold – the whole process is mostly done by Thomas Trold has an idea and we´ll then start adding some drums to it and see how that works. Afterwards would be adding all other instruments and giving everybody their opinion to the process. Sometimes the flow comes naturally, other times it needs a bit more work to the process. But we have known each other for quite some time, so we have gotten a wider understanding towards each other, and all members tends to be on the same page in the process of making music.
Millainen kokemus bändinne on livenä ja miksi yhtyeenne keikoille kannattaa tulla? We give away free stuff, like merchandise and CDs ha-ha……
Uusimman levynne nimi: After nearly two years from our latest release “Innocent Sinners” – We are finally done with our third full length album titled “STARBURST”. The new album is set to be released in late 2022.
Avatkaa uuden levynne taustoja. Mikä on toiminut levyn inspiraationa? We get our Inspirations from everyday life in all its meaning, that’s what most of the lyrics are about – like love, expectations, breaking up, people in general, who we are and so on… Death, life and love are mainly the subjects through our songs, which most people can relate to. But with the new album “STARBURST”, we had a totally different creative process due to the COVID situation – Thomas Trold had made tons of songs at his small home studio, which means swoping files to all of us on a daily basis, before having the songs ready for the album…We were only able to rehears a couple of the songs before entering the studio – and we did most of the recordings separately, so a completely new way for us as a band. We even skipped a couple of songs before we were satisfied with the album.
Minkä bändin kanssa lähtisitte kaikkein mieluiten kiertämään maailmaa? Megadeth would be the obvious choice… But Metallica, Maiden would be fantastic!
Jos uudelta levyltä/vanhasta tuotannosta pitäisi suositella kahta biisiä, niin mitkä ne olisivat ja miksi? Our latest single “The Wait for Closure” from our upcoming album “STARBURST” is very recommendable – It’s a start of a new era for the band. Hopefully taking the band to a new level in production, musically and sound.
Our new single “Chasing Ghosts” is out on the 10th of June – again taken from our upcoming album “STARBURST” – it has a certain vibe and is very fun to play…I really like the grove on this one, so please check it out!
Mikä musiikki kolahtaa yhtyeellenne juuri nyt? I’m currently listening to bands like Gojira, Swallow the Sun, Katatonia, Septicflesh, Ghost and Opeth.
Muita asioita, joita haluatte kertoa yhtyeestänne: The new album Starburst is a heavier album compared to Innocent Sinners, and earlier releases too… for that matter. Musically we have improved a lot on this new album, and taking things in a different direction – We have a wider sound image, adding more keyboards and lots of guitar sections to it… Perhaps a more polished and compacted sound, than earlier releases.
Minkälaiset terveiset haluatte lähettää lukijoille? Thanks for having us at METALLILUOLA – stay well all and hope to see you on our channels, and in concerts! You can follow us on Facebook!
Linkki yhtyeen kotisivulle: https://www.facebook.com/thekillerhertzband/
Linkki yhtyeen musiikkivideoon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4A_WQx0Zlg&ab_channel=TheKillerHertz
Linkki yhtyeen Spotify, Bandcamp tms. kanavalle: https://open.spotify.com/artist/34OSYqZbS1HnV5iacHUH1Y?si=SSW87ozXRXWS-aRQuZUGKw https://www.youtube.com/user/thekillerhertzband


Kuva: The KillerHertz

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