Sooloartistina instrumentaalista progressiivista metallia soittava kanadalainen Morgan Reid vastaili Metalliluolan kysymyspatteristoon. Tutustu debyyttialbuminsa julkaisseeseen artistiin alta.

Bändin nimi: Morgan Reid
Yhtyeen genre: Instrumental progressive metal, Shred
Ketä yhtyeeseen kuuluu: This is my debut album consisting of 12 original instrumental metal tracks. With a focus on melody, groove and pushing the limits of what the guitar can express. I set out to find a sound that was truly unique and did my best to keep the listener interested through a mixture of catchy lines and complex riffs and solos. Song structure was a big one as well, how to pace the album… which songs needed some twists and turns, and which just needed an epic outro solo!
Mistä yhtyeenne on kotoisin: I’m originally from Toronto, Canada. Born and raised there, but I’ve been living across Europe for the past 15+ years and I’m now based in Leipzig, Germany with my wife and daughter.
Yhtyeenne esikuvat: Scar Symmetry, Conquering Dystopia, Intervals, Paul Wardingham, Plini, Born of Osiris.
Kertokaa yhtyeenne taustatarina: I started off as a typical bedroom guitarist, putting in many hours into the instrument! I soon realised I could start posting things online and started a youtube channel in 2008. Although I wasn’t able to make music my full time career, as I was studying and working as a contemporary dancer, I did manage to start writing a lot of music as a solo artist. Similar to my current album, although much less developed, I wrote all the parts including, guitar, bass, drums and synthesiser/orchestral parts. I soon found myself in many guitar competitions such as Guitar Idol 4 (2014), JTC Solo Competition (2015) where I had a platform to showcase original songs to a larger audience for the first time. This soon opened up some interesting opportunities for me, such as joining one of my current bands Bloodshot Dawn… which resulted in tours around Europe, UK, Japan and Canada, along with many big festival appearances. After a few years with the band, I realized I still very much enjoy writing instrumental guitar focused music and set about finding the sound I really wanted and which fit my musical vision. It was a long process, having so many influences musically across many genres, and taking the guitar as the main focus means that how I approach playing can very much dictate the direction of a song. So I wrote close to 20 songs, and through this experience I compiled my favourites and focused on improving them, shaping them and adding layers, melodies and solos. I work in my home studio that I built and used this album as a platform to learn all about mixing and mastering. About how to improve my arranging and songwriting abilities and I’m very happy with the result.
Minkälaiset tavoitteet yhtyeellänne on: I would like to become a staple in the metal community, as a guitarist mainly. To one day tour with this and other projects and to reach as many people with my music as possible.
Minkälainen työnjako musiikin tekemisessä on: I do everything alone. I often jam with my drummer Florian Schwalbe though, who helped by recording some sections and fills to give the drums a human edge that my writing alone couldn’t manage. I had a fantastic engineer, Alan Sacha Laskow, master the album in Canada who has an analogue workflow, and a serious amount of knowledge to handle mastering and just make sure it sounded top notch.
Millainen kokemus bändinne on livenä ja miksi yhtyeenne keikoille kannattaa tulla: As this is my first album from a solo project, a live show could be possible but I’m not quite focused on that yet. It’s more focused on building an international audience that could one day allow for touring. I do however think I can bring a lot of my skills as a dancer and choreographer to the concert environment.
Uusimman levynne nimi: TERRAN

Avatkaa uuden levynne/julkaisunne taustoja. Mikä on toiminut sen inspiraationa ja miten tuotos on syntynyt: Each song has a concept and I’ve expressed it through 5 music videos. The music video for the Terran single has a concept: Terran is an alternate reality, a mirror of earth. One that allows us to see our faults, our dark side. The video is highlighting humanities’ inability to make changes without leaving destruction in its wake. We see how a character from the Terran world is killing nature, how characters in the video go from being the normal versions of themselves, to the dark and hedonistic versions. A baby stroller is set on fire, just another metaphor for our inability to solve issues such as climate change. Our stubborn capitalism, tied with unwillingness to compromise. Other songs have their own stories as well, sci-fi themes like an android (half human, half robot) killing machine being created, nano-technology merging with the severed brain of a woman. I guess the album is a lot about inner-turmoil… Our quest for personal embetterment and how futile that can be.
Minkä bändin kanssa lähtisitte kaikkein mieluiten kiertämään maailmaa: Jason Richardson, Andy Gillion, Scar Symmetry…
Jos uudelta levyltä/vanhasta tuotannosta pitäisi suositella kahta biisiä, niin mitkä ne olisivat ja miksi: Terran, because it’s epic and hopeful, crazy energetic and has an addictive pace.
CRISP, because it’s a summary of the album, the final song that has it all, it’s groovy, melodic, epic, complex and it makes you want to move.
Mikä musiikki kolahtaa yhtyeellenne juuri nyt: Not sure exactly what this means but I guess I could say Jason Richardson is doing something similar but to a much larger audience.
Muita asioita, joita haluatte kertoa yhtyeestänne: I’m doing a giveaway for an Ibanez RG7421PB-SBF and other prizes, if you share the upcoming music video for Terran (single) Out November 25th.
Minkälaiset terveiset haluatte lähettää lukijoille: I just want to thank anyone who has taken the time to listen to my music. It’s the kind of music that really requires the listener to pay attention and I’m humbled that you would take the time to appreciate it. Thank you and thank you everyone for supporting the project through pre-orders and buying the album / T-shirts etc.Just want to take the opportunity to mention the Initiative Musik, for funding me and making this body of work possible. I feel honoured to be selected for their support and as difficult as it can be to succeed in this field… Just knowing that I have their support along with my fans, gives me hope for the future. Especially since it’s my first album!
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