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Bändin nimi: Hi here is Andy, guitar player of Deimos’ Dawn
Yhtyeen genre: We are a Thrash Metal band!
Ketä yhtyeeseen kuuluu: Marc Grewe – vocals
Andy Doé – guitars
Matze Lange – bass
Mathias Schmidt – drums
Mistä yhtyeenne on kotoisin: We are a band from Berlin, Germany. Marc was born in the Sauerland, a part of West Germany, the rest of us are originally from a small town called Eberswalde 60 km away from Berlin.
Yhtyeenne esikuvat: We have different roots in the band, but Thrash Metal is the unifying element. I (Andy) am the Thrash Metal fanatic in the band, I grew up with the German thrashers like Sodom and Kreator, of course also bands as Slayer or Sepultura. Marc loves bands like Dark Angel and Slayer, too. He loves the way Tom Araya sings. But also has broader influences from Hardcore and – of course – Death Metal. Matze is the hardcore guy in the band, loves the New York scene, Madball, Agnostic Front, Integrity and so on. And Schmidti has the most diverse influences, from melodic Heavy Metal like Helloween or Amorphis to Rock like Toto or even Pop music.
Kertokaa yhtyeenne taustatarina: We three guys on instruments have been playing together since we were teenagers. We learned together our instruments together, also played together in several bands. So we have a very tight and solid foundation that money cannot buy. Throughout the years, we have always done sessions together – at least once a year – even though we have not had a band together for a long time. In 2017 we tried out new Thrash Metal material I had written, and the flame was set again.Marc, who is known as the singer of Morgoth, hasn’t had a regular band since he left Morgoth. When I wrote the first songs for Deimos’ Dawn, I always had his voice in mind, but more the way he sang on later Morgoth albums like “Odium” or “Feel sorry…”. So I called him, because we have known each other for some time. He listened to our demos, we did our first rehearsal and everything was clear.
Minkälaiset tavoitteet yhtyeellänne on: Making good records, playing live and – most important – having fun! We do not see this as a business at all. We enjoy making music and performing on stage. We feel that we have a lot of music inside us, which needs to be released for the metal fans.
Minkälainen työnjako musiikin tekemisessä on: I write most of the songs, but our bassist Matze also contributes material. Of course, everyone in the band adds his ideas to it. Most of the lyrics were written by Andy Brings, the former Sodom guitarist. Andy is a good friend of mine, he also did the vocal production with Marc. We arrange the songs with the whole band, Andy Brings also has a strong say in the vocal arrangements. I do the pre-production and after it’s done, we involve our producer Corny Rambadt (Sodom, Disbelief) to give it a final check before we go into his studio.
Millainen kokemus bändinne on livenä ja miksi yhtyeenne keikoille kannattaa tulla: Energy! Our goal is to deliver real power and toughness. Since we only play live with one guitar, we focus on precision and interplay of the instruments. Real power comes when everyone hits the note at the same time. That’s raw energy and the audience feels that, as our past shows have shown.
Uusimman levynne nimi: It is called “Anthem Of The Lost” and it is our debut. The title stands for our concern about the state of the world. There are several crises like the war in the Ukraine, but I think, they are more a result of the system we are living in, which is close to come to an end. Our world is built on unlimited growth, but we are living on a planet with limited resources and space. This cannot work forever.
Avatkaa uuden levynne/julkaisunne taustoja. Mikä on toiminut sen inspiraationa ja miten tuotos on syntynyt: As I have already explained, the lyrics are partly about the problems of our world and human society. But there are also some fantasy or horror themes, like in “Too Much Pain Is Not Enough”, which is about the cannibal of Rotenburg, a real murderer. Andy Brings has also written some very private lyrics about human relationships.In my opinion, the lyrics have to reflect the atmosphere of the songs, and that’s why you can’t write about happy topics in Thrash Metal. Musically, our goal was to make our ultimate Thrash album, as we understood it. We didn’t want to compete with Slayer or other giants, we just wanted to focus on our creativity and our understanding of Thrash Metal. Of course you can find a lot of inspiration in the songs, all the bands that have influenced us in our lives.
Minkä bändin kanssa lähtisitte kaikkein mieluiten kiertämään maailmaa: There are a lot, but personally for me it would be Sodom. I know the guys since long and I think this package would kill. Also, we would have a lot of fun together.
Jos uudelta levyltä/vanhasta tuotannosta pitäisi suositella kahta biisiä, niin mitkä ne olisivat ja miksi: It’s always difficult to decide as a musician. I would go with the opening song “Feeding The Decline”. For me, that’s a perfect pure thrash metal song, with everything Thrash needs: Speed, double bass drums, killer guitar riffs and a chorus you want to scream along with Marc. The second track could be “The Final Illusion”, a more melodic and variable song that shows the other side of our spectrum.
Mikä musiikki kolahtaa yhtyeellenne juuri nyt: For the most part, they are still the old classics. But from time to time there is a new band coming into your focus. For example, Matze discovered Nervosa recently. I listen to stuff like Dool or Filter from time to time.
Muita asioita, joita haluatte kertoa yhtyeestänne: We are having a fantastic time at the moment and are very happy with the album. Everyone involved… the band, Andy Brings, Corny Rambadt, our label…. everyone is pretty excited about the result. Now it’s about bringing the music on stage, that’s what thrash metal is made for. And… we are already writing new music. So there will be a lot more to come in the future!
Minkälaiset terveiset haluatte lähettää lukijoille: Turn up your stereo to 11 and listen to “Anthem Of The Lost”!
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