Fit For A King julkaisi uuden singlen “God Of Fire” syyskuussa ilmestyvältä levyltä


Teksasilainen metalcore-yhtye Fit For A King julkaisee uuden albumin “The Path“ 18.9.2020 Solid State Recordsin kautta. Uusi single “God Of Fire” on kuunneltavissa alta.

Kappaletta kommentoidaan seuraavasti:

Step into the dark of eternity, feed of the flames of your sanity. God of fire. All they want is to save your soul, but this cleansing comes with a price. Don’t give into your desires. Bow down to the God of fire. False idols fill the air with smoke and glass. Their lies so easy to sell when death is in our heads. Repent now or burn at the pyre. Bow down to the God of fire. Split tongues, sharpen the blades, the war ends when they say. They don’t care. They won’t learn. Sit back and watch the world burn. Do you hear the cries of humanity? Their pain only means something if they bow and recite the words they feed. Heavens gates blocked with barbed wire, bow down to the God of fire.

Kansitaide ja kappalelista:

Kansitaide: Stuck with Pins

1. The Face of Hate
2. Breaking The Mirror
3. Annihilation
4. The Path
5. Prophet
6. Locked (In My Head)
7. God of Fire
8. Stockholm
9. Louder Voice
10. Vendetta

Kansitaide: Stuck with Pins
Lähde: Solid State Records
Kuva: Fit For A King


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