Firewind julkaisee livealbumin syyskuussa – video katsottavissa

Kuva: Tim Tronckoe

Gus G:n (Ozzy Osbourne, Arch Enemy, Dream Evil) luotsaama power metal -yhtye Firewind julkaisee 1.9.2023 livealbumin/BluRayn “Still Raging”.

It’s hard to believe that a band like Firewind has been around for 2 decades,” Gus G kommentoi. “In 2022 we had only planned a re-issue of our debut album, but with the pandemic slowly winding down, we were fortunate enough to start doing shows in America and Europe again. Come Fall of 2022 we played 2 headline shows in our homeland, Greece to celebrate our 20th anniversary.”

Gus jatkaa: “Prior to the Greek shows, my friends from OTSE film crew asked me about filming our hometown gig in Thessaloniki. In a way, the stars aligned, as we returned to the same venue (Principal Club Theater), with the exact same crew that filmed our DVD back in 2008 (Live Premonition anyone?). With this opportunity in front of us, I started thinking about a cool way to put this onto our beloved fans homes as a special thank you for the support you’ve shown us over the years. Together with AFM Records, we bring you a special BluRay + 2CD package. So yeah… Firewind Still Raging, 20 years later and it’s all thanks to YOU! 

While we’re currently hard at work on some new music, we hope this commemorative Live release will keep you good company, till our new Metal anthems arrive!”

01 Welcome to the Empire (20th Anniversary Show)
02 I am the Anger (20th Anniversary Show)
03 Head Up High (20th Anniversary Show)
04 Devour (20th Anniversary Show)
05 Destination Forever (20th Anniversary Show)
06 Orbitual Sunrise (20th Anniversary Show)
07 World on Fire (20th Anniversary Show)
08 Drum Solo (20th Anniversary Show)
09 The Fire & the Fury (20th Anniversary Show)
10 Ode to Leonidas (20th Anniversary Show)
CD 2:
01 Overdrive (20th Anniversary Show)
02 Mercenary Man (20th Anniversary Show)
03 Lady of 1000 sorrows (20th Anniversary Show)
04 Break Away (20th Anniversary Show)
05 Between Heaven and Hell (20th Anniversary Show)
06 Rising Fire (20th Anniversary Show)
07 Maniac (20th Anniversary Show)
08 Hands of Time (20th Anniversary Show)
09 Few Against Many (20th Anniversary Show)
10 Falling to Pieces (20th Anniversary Show)

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Katso BluRay-evyltä “Orbitual Sunrise”:

Gus G. (guitars)
Herbie Langhans (vocals)
Petros Christo (bass)
Jo Nunez (drums)


Lähde: AFM Records
Kuva: Tim Tronckoe