Fear Factory julkaisi albumin ja musiikkivideon kappaleesta ”Recode” – videolla kotimainen toteutus

Fear Factory on julkaissut kymmenennen albuminsa ”Aggression Continuum” sekä musiikkivideon kappaleesta ”Recode”.

Katso kotimaisen Riivata Visualsin toteuttama video:

Videolla on mukana:

  • Sara Suihkonen
  • Robin Oksa
  • Atte Santala
  • Kevin Apostol

Kuuntele albumi: https://nblast.de/FearFactory-AC

Dino Cazares kommentoi: ”The day has finally come for all to finally enjoy the New FEAR FACTORY album, Aggression Continuum. It’s been a long journey to get to this date and I can’t say enough of how proud I am of the album. Thanks to everyone involved in making it possible for this record to come out. This is all for you, the amazing FF Family!! Machines of Hate!”

Tilaa Aggression Continuum : http://www.fearfactory.com

1 – Recode 5:47
2 – Disruptor 3:45
3 – Aggression continuum 4:54
4 – Purity 3:50
5 – Fuel injected suicide machine 5:28
6 – Collapse 4:20
7 – Manufactured hope 5:01
8 – Cognitive dissonance 4:37
9 – Monolith 3:34
10 – End of line 7:18


FEAR FACTORY on: Dino Cazares | Guitar Tony Campos | Bass Mike Heller | Drums

Lähde: Nuclear Blast
Kuva: Kuvakaappaus


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