Ex Deo julkaisi uuden lyriikkavideon ”The Head Of The Snake”

Kuva: Ex Deo

Ex Deo julkaisi uuden lyriikkavideon ”The Head Of The Snake”, joka on yhtyeen 27.8.2021 julkaistulta albumilta ”The Thirteen Years Of Nero”.

Vokalisti Maurizio Iacono kertoo:

“The centerpiece of all things NERO was his mother, Agrippina. She manipulated the strings of the senate and conspiracies to make sure her beloved son NERO would rule the world, she was the head of the snake with her deadly fangs of deceit. The song travels through her calculated sadistic mind.”

1. The Fall of Claudius
2. Imperator
3. The Head of the Snake
4. Boudicca (Queen of the Iceni) Feat. Brittney Slayes
5. Britannia: The 9th at Camulodonum
6. Trial of the Gods (Intermezzo)
7. The Fiddle & the Fire
8. Son of the Deified
9. What Artist Dies in Me…
10. The Revolt of Galba
Kansitaide: Seth Siro Anton

Tilaa levy: https://smarturl.it/The13YearsOfNero

Lähde: Napalm Records


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