Deep Purplen uusi musiikkivideo ”Man Alive” julkaistu

Deep Purple on julkaissut Billboardin kautta toisen singlen elokuussa ilmestyvältä ”Whoosh”-albumilta. ”Man Alive” musiikkivideo on katsottavissa alta.

Yhtyeen uusi Bob Ezrinin tuottama ”Whoosh”–levy ilmestyy 7.8.2020. Ennakkotilausta voi jättää tästä.

Ian Gillan kommentoi:

It’s an abstract concept. There was an apocalyptic quality to the (music of) ’Man Alive’, and the idea developed lyrically from there — the scenario of this event that took place and everyone got killed, and you get this picture of ’all creatures great and small grazed on blood red soil, and grass that grows on city streets.’ So it’s a post-humanity scenario. And then all of a sudden something’s washed up on the beach, and it turns out to be a man, and it’s the only living man — but it’s just a man, so…That’s the end of humanity, because what use is one man? That was the idea. If it was a painting, you’d call it impressionistic.


The (song) suddenly goes very quiet. Don (Airey, keyboardist) was experimenting with an oboe to do a haunting, repetitive little piece to illustrate the echoes of emptiness. So I just started speaking at the microphone and it fit perfectly. It just had to be something that wasn’t sung — it was almost like a voice bubble attached to the song. It just seemed to be the right thing to do.

1. Throw My Bones
2. Drop The Weapon
3. We’re All The Same In The Dark
4. Nothing At All
5. No Need To Shout
6. Step By Step
7. What the What
8. The Long Way Around
9. The Power of the Moon
10. Remission Possible
11. Man Alive
12 .And the Address
13. Dancing In My Sleep

Lähde: Billboard
Kuva: Hannu Juutilainen ©Metalliluola


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