Cattle Decapitation julkisti kansitaiteen ja musiikkinäytteen “Death Atlas” –levyltä

Kuva: Pablo Montano

Cattle Decaption on julkistanut marraskuussa ilmestyvän ”Death Atlas” –levyn kansitaiteen sekä uuden trailerin, jolla kuullaan pätkä albumin musiikkia. Kannesta vastasi Wes Benscoter. ”Death Atlas” ilmestyy 29.11.2019 Metal Bladen kautta.

Vokalisti Travis Ryan kommentoi:

We have crafted what we feel is our strongest album to date and we are really looking forward to bringing a couple of the tracks off of it to lacerate your eardrums on this upcoming Summer Slaughter Tour! Fans soon will witness the culmination of this last year’s blood, sweat and tears honed to a devastating, brutal and impactful audio document that I feel will resonate with fans of the last few records for years to come. Musically and lyrically, there is a lot of grief, anger, hate, passion and emotion poured into this one and we have found these can be excellent ingredients for extreme metal. We are once again rejuvenated and ready to spread the death and despair over this sphere that is perpetually being torn apart by us insignificants. There is no map to guide you out of this one – ‘Death Atlas’ is coming!

Kuva: Pablo Montano
Lähde: Metal Blade

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