Caligula’s Horselta uusi “Slow Violence” -video

Caligula's Horse
Kuva: Jack Verobles

Australiasta tuleva progressiivista metallia soittava Caligula’s Horse ilmoitti uuden levynsä “Rise Radiant” julkaisuajankohdaksi 22.5.2020. Nyt yhtye on julkaissut levyltä videon kappaleesta “Slow Violence”.

Laulaja Jim Grey kommentoi: “Our goal with Slow Violence was to create something more stripped back and minimal musically speaking, letting the guy’s performances speak for themselves. The result was something full of energy and with a powerful message that we’re all really proud of, and the hectic music video ended up capturing that explosive vibe perfectly. The idea for the themes in Slow Violence came out of my own frustrations with very visible hypocrisy in the face of a desperate need for change, and a youth that is crying out for unity in crisis. Slow Violence expresses that frustration along with the unifying message that one way or another, all are inevitably made equal.”

Kitaristi Sam Vallen kommentio tulevaa levyä: “Rise Radiant is the album we’ve been working towards for almost a decade. It represents everything we love about Caligula’s Horse – the colour, the ferocity, the introspection, the extremes – all tied up together in a way we could never have managed until now. As a band, we’ve never felt tighter, more inspired, or more driven than in the creation of this record. We’re tremendously proud of Rise Radiant, and we can’t wait for you to hear it!”


'Rise Radiant'
‘Rise Radiant’
1. The Tempest
2. Slow Violence
3. Salt
4. Resonate
5. Oceanrise
6. Valkyrie
7. Autumn
8. The Ascent



Lähde: InsideOut Music
Kuva: Jack Verobles

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