Blaze Bayley nimeää Iron Maiden –vuosiensa haastavimmat livekappaleet

Iron Maidenissa muutaman vuoden ajan 1990-luvulla laulanut Blaze Bayley on Ultimate Guitar -sivuston haastattelussa kertonut vuoden 1986 “Somewhere In Time” –levyn kappaleen “Heaven Can Wait” sekä ”The Number Of The Beast” –levyn nimibiisin olleen haastavimmat kappaleet esittää konserttilavalla sovitusten ja rytmityksensä vuoksi.

Blazen kommentit kappaleista katsottavista alta:

Technically difficult – ’Heaven Can Wait.’ It’s got a very challenging verse in there. It’s a lot of words to fit in rhythmically. One of the great things about that song is – as difficult as it is, it taught me this wonderful lesson about phrasing. And I’ve been able to take that lesson and use it in my work since. So when I think of ’Heaven Can Wait,’ there is a direct relationship between learning how to sing that song and (2016 solo song) ’Infinite Entanglement.’ There’s a direct relationship because the phrasing on ’Infinite Entanglement’. I learned how to do that kind of phrasing and how to put the lyrics and create a melody like that because of singing those songs with Iron Maiden.

I found ’The Number of the Beast’ a real challenge. I always really had to dig in, not move around much on stage, really listen to those drums and really listen to what that bass was doing. It sounds simple, but for me ’The Number of the Beast’ was a very challenging song to sing live. To find the places where you take your queue, where I would take my breath on each part. That was a very challenging song.

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Blazen ja Iron Maidenin tulkinnat ”Heaven Can Wait”- sekä ”The Number Of The Beast” -kappaleista vuodelta 1998 saa katseluun alta:

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